Právnická forma roka 2013

Labour law

We provided Johnson&Jonhson with legal services in the case of employees transfer according to the European directive TUPE and with harmonisation of social programmes at the takeover of Synthes. Johnson&Jonhson is the world’s biggest producer of pharmaceuticals and following the merger with the Synthes Group it has also become the leader on the orthopaedic aids market.

We provided Canon with legal services concerning employees transfer according to the European directive TUPE at the takeover of Océ. The merger of Canon and Océ has created the world leader in the field of printing technology.

We drafted comprehensive labour-law documentation for the Healthcare Surveillance Authority, a newly established state agency in the health-care sector.

We prepared comprehensive labour-law documentation for the Agency of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for the EU Structural Funds

We represented Slovak magnesite mining company Jelšava, the leading mining company and one of the biggest employers on the Slovak market, in various labour-law related disputes. All disputes were resolved for the benefit of the employer.  

We dealt with complex legal services in the field of HR for the Covance Group, the world’s leading research centre for the development of pharmaceuticals, drug control and food products control.  It involved the acquisition of a part of the company and related transfer of employees.

We solved the transfer of employees according to the European directive TUPE at the transfer of a part of the company for the Azelis Group which is the leading European distributor of specific chemical products in chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff and animal food.

Abbott Laboratories is a global operator of research laboratories in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. We dealt with incorporation of competition clauses into employment and manager contracts of employees in leading positions. 

We provided a French multinational company with counselling for the establishment of the European employees council.

We attended one of the first investigations of mobbing and bossing at present in Slovakia. Investigation involved participation in interrogation of employees, compiling investigation results along with legal assessment of the subject matter.

For Eli Lilly we prepared manager contracts for the executive directors of its companies.  Eli Lilly is a leading worldwide group in the field of clinical research and development of pharmaceuticals. 

We represent the company Sika Slovensko which is a part of the Swiss concern producing building chemistry. We provided them with legal services regarding labour-law dispute concerning the violation of competition law by one of the employees.

For the company Calzedonia, a leading Italian clothing manufacturer, we set work relations for the employees of its shops, the conditions of employment and work schedules. 

For the company Puma, the world-famous brand of sports clothing, we prepared the introduction of working hours account and adjustment of work relations for employees in its shops.

We represent the French developer group Hamilton and provide it with a comprehensive labour-law agenda. We prepared model employment contracts and general setting of labour-law relations. We assist the group with counselling for hiring new employees as well as terminating work relations.

We provide the clothing brand Kenvelo with comprehensive legal services in the field of HR. We dealt with complicated situations of employment termination due to the breach of working discipline.