Právnická forma roka 2013

Labour law


Dušan Nitschneider

Labour law is the main area of our specialization. It creates almost one half of our law practice. Our labour law team consists of several Senior and Junior Associates. It provides comprehensive services in the area of labour law, employment, social and pension laws. We are a member of the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA). Recently, we have focused on deepening our experience in the area of employment law. As a result we became an Affiliate of lus Laboris in 2012. Lus Laboris is a prestigious association of law firms specialising in labour law. It provides multinational firms with high standard legal services. Companies in a lot of European countries and the world provide their human resources departments with law support via the members of lus Laboris. 

We have experience with assessing the regulation TUPE as for the transfer of employees in acquisition transactions, the protection of personal data of employees, non-competition clauses in employment and manager contracts. We deal with various kinds of employment law, the position of trade unions, and with creating European employment council. We worked on examining complaints with regard to mobbing and bossing. We have achieved a high rate of success representing employers in judicial proceedings regarding the invalidity of termination of employment relationship. We draft documentation for the regulation of labour law relations of domestic and foreign clients. We acquired special experience in the field of aviation where we assisted in structuring employment contracts for pilots, flight attendants and other flight personnel. We dealt with qualification agreements concerning the improvement of pilots´ qualifications. 

Labour law services mainly include:

  • employment contracts 
  • management contracts
  • internal employment regulations
  • personal data protection
  • termination of employment relationship
  • collective redundancies
  • agency employment
  • employee secondment agreements
  • alternative forms of employment
  • review of collective bargaining agreements
  • rights of trade unions