Právnická forma roka 2013

Pro Bono

United Nations Children´s fund, UNICEF, helps children in all areas, especially in the area of protection, health, education and others. It is funded solely from voluntary contributions. Our law firm has signed an agreement with the Slovak branch of UNICEF to provide pro bono legal services directly and effectively. We allocated some of our time and devote it to the needs of the Slovak branch of UNICEF and Children´s Helpline. We assist in the area of international and private law in particular.
Association Proti prúdu publishes a street magazine called NOTA BENE. It is sold by homeless people. This way they get a chance to have a job and integrate themselves into the society. This association provides its clients with social and legal services. On the basis of cooperation with this association we assist its clients with pro bono legal services. We assist them with civil cases and we strive to help them to claim their property rights.
The club Fighting Flies Bratislava has been a member of the Slovak baseball extra-league for almost twenty years. It has achieved a lot of sports successes and has been trying to attract mainly youth and children to this American sport throughout its existence. Recently they have managed to construct a professional baseball and multi-purpose sports field in Devínska Nová Ves. We provided them with pro bono legal services regarding the construction of this complex.